Sunday, April 15, 2012


I have not posted in soooo long and sooo much has happened that I just keep putting it off because I am not even sure where to start. There have been so many changes in us as far as what is important and our eyes have been opened even MORE. There have been long periods of waiting followed by a little excitement followed by days of prayer..... and then after almost 2 years of praying and seeking Him our answer came!!

We are so very excited to share with you that we have a little boy waiting on us in Uganda. We are so blessed and it has been pretty exciting around here. However the excitement is turning into urgency. We want to get to him as soon as possible. Our hearts ache for him. I cry for him, our children pray daily that he would have a full belly and that he would be safe. He is 20 months old and almost exactly 2 years younger than Cole. He has a room, bed and clothes in our house now. We have repainted and moved Averie to the guest room so she has her own bathroom and the boys will share a bathroom. If you know me though you know that Cole still sleeps in my room and sweet M will too....

What happens next? Good question. We have been filed for court and so now we wait again. We are hoping to hear in the next week or 2 when our court date will be. Once we hear it could be within 2 weeks or it could be 4 months. Obviously we are hoping it will be ASAP. We are taking Averie and Cole with us when we go. We will get there several days before court. If everything goes as planned we will be in Uganda for about a month and will come home as a family of 5!! Please pray for us and for sweet M.

Unfortunately I will not be able to post pictures or other identifying information until he is ours but trust me.... he is just so sweet. His eyes are big and he has beautiful long eye lashes. I do have several (like 25) pictures of him. I have a sweet friend in country right now that has made a couple of visits to love on him for us. He also has a picture book of pictures of us.

We appreciate your prayers and support. I will keep you more in the loop... I promise.. :)