Monday, February 21, 2011


Well we are ALMOST finished. Finished with this part of the process. We were able to go in early to get our fingerprints done. They didn't even question us - yipee. It was a little nerve wracking for me because they told me that my prints on my left hand were rejected! However I called our case worker with USCIS last week and she told me that they passed. So now we are just waiting on that approval and we are DONE with the paperwork part of the process and will just wait and wait. I am not focusing on that right now I just want this dossier out of my hands. (more on what my dossier includes later for my non adoption friends) I actually have my entire dossier in an envelope waiting to be sent once my immigration approval comes. You all will definately know when that happens.

We had the opportunity this past weekend to volunteer at Winter Jam in Dallas. Winter Jam is where a lot of Christian bands (New Song, Newsboys, Sidewalk Prophets, David Crowder Band and others) partner with Holt International (our adoption agency) to share Jesus with the people ( a lot of youth groups) and to get sponsorships for the kids in Holt's care. They shared about the orphan crisis and about how it is our responsibility. Bryan and I worked and we got 16 kids sponsored between the 2 of us! I was so thankful. I got the first five kids folders and pics when I arrived and they were in my vest pocket that they had us wear. The entire time until that happened I just kept looking at those first 5 and prarying for them by name and that I could find a sponsor for them. I enjoyed the worship but my mind never strayed from the "kids in my pocket" I just prayed for all of the kids that were in need of a sponsor that night. Averie found a little boy from Ethiopia that was born the same year as her that she was drawn to. She first asked her daddy to find him a good sponsor and just kept looking at him. He was actually the same little boy that I saw on the website that was in urgent need of a sponsor. (kind of a cool God moment for me) so I told Averie that she could sponsor him but would have to work for half of his sponsorship herself. She was happy. I love that she is getting it. And since he is with Holt and in Ethiopia, Bryan and I will most likely get to meet him and give him a big hug when we go. $30 a month seriously changes a life in Africa.

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