Thursday, August 11, 2011

Help my friend Lara..... and possibly win an awesome camera

Hi Friends,
I wanted to share with you a special adoption shower for my friend Lara and her family. Some of her friends have put this together to help her raise the last funds needed to bring her son home. Lara is the main person, besides God of course and he used her, that my family can blame for our latest changes in direction ( I jokingly say blame..... I am forever grateful!). She has blogged about some tough stuff that has really opened my eyes. She and her husband have also been on a waitlist in Ethiopia before they started the Uganda process. AND that is not all... since we have officially moved over to Uganda she has been a HUGE support. She has helped me with almost everything....just ask her how many of my questions she has answered. LOL. Maybe soon we can carry on a 2 way conversation..... instead of a question and answer session. :)

God doesn't call everyone to adopt but He does call everyone to orphan care and here is an opportunity to help get one more child into their forever family. PLUS there is a smoking awesome camera being raffled off and you get 1 ticket for every $15 donation. Don't underestimate the power of $15, please if you feel so led go support this awesome family.

Click the link below. (In case it doesnt work, I am still learning...go to

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