Sunday, April 3, 2011

Long time No Post and DTE

Oh my goodness - it has almost been a month since my last post. It has definately not been because there hasn't been anything to post about. I am not even sure where to start and don't have time to cover it all but I am vowing to never go this long between posts. The other thing that I am going to do if it is okay with all of you is this blog is going to be about not just adoption but about our lives now. When you really think about it there really isn't a place to start and stop. I thought about starting a separate blog for our family life but it just doesn't make sense. This blog was started to share our journey and family and what God is doing in our lives so ITS OFFICIAL this is going to be about both from now on. This probably only makes sense to you, invisible friends but to this left brained, type A personality I had to make an official announcement!! LOL.

As far as Ethiopia, the situation has seemed to worked itself out for now. We, at this time, have not seen a reduction in the cases being processed. Great News. These kids need families NOW. A child should not live in an orphanage 1 second longer than necessary. We got word last week that we are DTE. DTE (for my non adoption friends) means Dossier to Ethiopia aka our dossier is in Ethiopia. When we sent our dossier to Holt we were placed on the waitlist. But the final and intended destination for that baby is Ethiopia. Everything in it has to be translated and then it will wait with us for the child God has known we would raise since the beginning of time. From my understanding once we get and accept a referral then it will all be submitted to court. While we are on adoption lingo, referral is a beautiful word. When you get an email, facebook post or blog update from me that says referral IT IS a BIG deal. That means that we will have pics in our hands of our baby. We will know if it is a boy or girl, how old and all of those details that we are leaving up to God.

We have had quiet a bit of excitement in our house lately. NOT the good kind of excitement. Both of my kids were sick with fever for a longer than normal period of time and then I got sick with pneumonia. Last week we noticed that a previous water leak had actually damaged A LOT of our new home. As I type this neither of my end brick walls have brick on them, my flowerbed is destroyed and we have to be out for at least 2 weeks in the next few months for them to re do 2 rooms of our wood floors. On a brighter note, the plumbers GL policy is covering the repairs and I have booked a lake house just 20 minutes away for our home away from home. Beautiful lake front 3 BR 2 Bath house with a Large deck and a 2 story boat dock. I think it might make it easier to be out..... don't you??

We also are hosting our US congressman in our home this next Saturday afternoon!! Yes, remember my brick isn't on our house!!!!! It will be by then hopefully. It is a good thing I don't get too worked up over that kind of hooty tooty fancy schmancy stuff likt that. If I did it wouldn't be fun to be at my house. Anywho.... it is a total God thing. I couldn't say no. On a Thursday in early January I was reading a friends blog and another message board, both alluded to the fact that it wouldn't be a bad idea to get aquainted with our US congress people so that if something happened while we were in Ethiopia or during this process and we needed their help that we would have made prior contact. I just stored that little tidbit in my brain and mentioned it to Bryan. On Sunday just 3 days later, I was sitting in church and a lady that I have known for a while turned around and said that she had a crazy question. She said that "they" was looking for a place to have a fundraiser for the Congressman. She said that she knew my mom had a nice sized house but thought that we had just built and wondered if either of us might be interested in hosting this event. I said sure I would like for someone to come look and make sure that my accomodations were right to know for sure but that I was willing. She then tried to explain that there would be lots of people and our current Congressman was a big deal in the US right now and I have since saw him on any given Sunday on a news talk show. I still agreed. Is that not GOD showing up? I just couldn't say no. I have no idea why this has happened but there is a reason. I am not the hostess with the mostess I can assure you. So about 1000 invites later here we are!! (with 2 walls down and a flower bed destroyed) It should be fun. I will keep you posted on that.

We are honored to have you following our journey and appreciate your prayers.



Stemple Family said...

DTE!!!! Yeah! That's a big step. Congrats:)

Karen said...

So happy to hear the adoption progress! I LOVE the Congressman story!!!! God is amazing!!! I hope you are feeling better and that the brick gets put up ASAP! Let's talk soon!! Love ya!

Kim Bobo said...

Love hearing how God is working, Mandie!!