Monday, April 25, 2011

Melkam Fasika (a day late)

Melkam Fasika!! or for those of you who don't know any Amharic Happy Easter! I feel like there should be a real monumental post regarding Easter because after all that IS what it is all about. However I am a little speechless! I know it isn't a condition that I ususally experience. I have been reflecting so much on the Ultimate Sacrafice and what that really means for us as Christians. Not about our sins forgiven, that is obvious but about how I have gotten what being a Christian is almost wrong for almost my whole life and I have even been in church. It isn't about lots of Bible studies even though we are suppose to be in the Word but it is really about Bible doings. So many times we stop short of action. We want to be involved as long as we can be comfortable too. I am soooo tired of being comfortable and am ready to "get dirty" so to speak. There are so many people hurting and dying because of lack of food, water, and proper protection from the elements all over the world. My family is ready to be the hands and feet of Jesus at any cost. Averie even mentioned moving to Africa last week to take care of lots of hungry children. NO, we do not have any plans of the like at this time. But we are open to whatever we are called to. I am just so thankful that our eyes have truly been opened and we have been obedient (over time) to see more than what is comfortable. I have no idea what this means for the future but Bryan and I both KNOW that there is more in Africa than just the child he has for us. At the very least we want to be a voice for the voiceless. So stay tuned..... This will be an adventure and we are so blessed that you are following along.

We had a great Easter weekend with lots of family. The little angel with my 2 littles is my niece Sadie.

We have just been having as much fun as possible while we are waiting on the call for our Ethiopian angel.

Riding horses. Cole got to ride by himself as a reward for being in big boy undies for a week!! Yay Cole!! We have also played in the dirt pile a lot.


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Kris said...

Our revised 171H came! Thanks for your encouragement last week...Mailed our dossier today! (Had to tell SOMEONE.)